All day and night, music,

a quiet, bright

reedsong. If it

fades, we fade.



Jog Alap

Jog Gats

Yaman Alap


Yaman Teentaal


Anandi Dhun



Pahadi Dhun



Nat Bhairav excerpt



Raag Jhinjhoti

Running Time: 8:59 min

Excerpt of Jugalbandhi with Sitar Artist Abhik Mukherjee presenting the late evening raga Jhinjhoti.

Shyam Kalyan

Running Time: 12:22 min

A performance of the beautiful early evening melody Shyam Kalyan in a live performance at the Gandhi Center, Washington DC with Monir Hossain on Tabla.

Making Music

Running Time: 7:46 min

A live performance of "Making Music" (composed by Hariprasad Chaurasia and Zakir Hussain) with the group Wahh. The composition is based on Raag Hansadhwani.

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